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    Galaxy Tab A login without bluetooth keyboard

    I use a password to unlock my tablet. Recently the battery on my bluetooth keyboard died and couldn't charge it right away. I could find no way to enable the on-screen keyboard, so it was impossible to login. I tried resetting with volume down + power, nope. Using a wired keyboard was also...
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    [USA-NY] [H] Paypal [W] Galaxy J Replacement Screen

    So I have here the Galaxy J SC-02F. It's a Japanese exclusive phone (Not the J1, J5, J7) The Galaxy J came out in 2013. So it cracked and I need a new screen (the whole screen assembly) Frame of the phone would be good too. **I'm willing to pay up to $100 paypal just for the replacement...
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    Would anyone be interested in a setting that made the galaxy a bit more filled with already-FTL possessing empires?

    I always found it kind of unrealistic that nearly every empire in the galaxy discovered FTL travel in 2200, with the rare exception of space raiders and Fallen Empires. Sure, there are Advanced Empires, but they're ahead by 20 years at most. I'm thinking something that made it so the galaxy was...
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    Galaxy a 30 or a 50

    Galaxy a 30 or a 50?? Pls share your experience 😄 . A little bit of gaming , social media and , good camera is what i need. Thanks . Ill be upgrading from mi5s
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    Galaxy Note 10 $150 pre-order credit going out.

    Said 6-8 weeks, got approved Sunday and got it in my email today. EDIT: Just got the black Galaxy Buds and 10,000mAh portable charger for a total of $0.
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    DAE Think the Galaxy Note 10 is a big disappointment?

    I guess I'll stick with my Note 8 for another year.
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    Galaxy Note 10 / 10+ and Microsoft Launcher : The Perfect Wedding

    With Samsung and Microsoft being closer than ever with the inclusion of Microsoft services ( Link with Windows, Office integration, One Drive embedded etc) I think it is legitimate to speak about installing Microsoft Launcher on the Note 10 and 10 plus. I am a fan of Nova Launcher - But wanted...
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    Does the galaxy s10 3400mah battery last you a full day?

    Im about to get my s10 in a couple of days (upgrading from a7 2017), and wanted to know how is my battey gonna be. Typical usage for me is 75% brightness (unless outside), watching content, browsing reddit and IG and hearing a bit music with bluetooth headphones in the morning. Edit...
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    Galaxy tab A with S Pen

    Just wondering was the last Tab A with S pen the 2016 version?
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    Should the code on the box match the one that's on the seal ?

    Because in my case it doesn't and my phone (view previous post on my post history) looks quite dodgy. I suspect it's a refurbished passed as a brand new one. See pictures for the code on the seal: and for the code on the box:
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    What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

    What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold?
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    What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

    What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Fold?
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    2019 World Cyber Games - DOTA 2 APAC Regional Final filmed using a Galaxy S10+

    The 2019 World Cyber Games is currently holding the APAC Regional Final at the Nexon Arena in Seoul. Yesterday, WCG held the APAC regional final for DOTA 2 where 8 of the best DOTA 2 teams in Asia-Pacific region battled it out to get a ticket to the WCG 2019 Grand Finals. The event concluded...
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    [USA-AR] [H] iPhone XS Max(s), Samsung Galaxy S10+ , New Galaxy S10, Switch Bundle [W] PayPal or Local Cash

    Hello All ! Have a few phones to sell. Please to not hesitate to ask me any questions. Local is 72701. All prices are negotiable but please do not waste your time low balling. Shipping is included in the price. [Timestamp]( [More...
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    Galaxy S10+ has really shoddy wifi connection.

    In the last two days I have noticed that when using WiFi(I have 200mbs down at home) I only get 1mbs down. Using data it's normal, anybody else having this issue?
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    Should I buy the Galaxy s10?

    Should I buy the Galaxy s10?
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    What are your views about Samsung Galaxy S10?

    What are your views about Samsung Galaxy S10?
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    Samsung Galaxy A70 or Xiaomi MI9/MI9t?

    I am looking for an upgrade to my old Nexus phone and came across these options, they all seem to be in my price range (under 500$) and all fulfill my requirements of great screens ( gonna watch a lot of youtube/netflix etc.), good day to day performance + occasional gaming and at last a decent...