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    Galaxy Tab A (2017): Force install Samsung Good Lock after One UI update

    My Galaxy Tab A (2017) just updated to One UI just now and I want to download Good Lock so I can move the clock on the notification ribbon to the right side like it was before. But it says the app is incompatible with this tablet, does anyone have a workaround?
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    Galaxy Tab A login without bluetooth keyboard

    I've already ordered one. It just boggles my mind that there wouldn't be an easy way to enable the on-screen keyboard. That would be at least a double facepalm level design fail.
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    Samsung Galaxy Book S

    You think this will be a good laptop?
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    Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Book S?

    I'm starting university in september and I was wondering if you all think the Galaxy Book S would be a good laptop to get? Its recently released so there arent many reviews on it and I dont really understand laptop specs very well. I might have to run a few high end programs on it though do you...
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    Should I repair and update my Galaxy Tab S 8.4s or buy a budget tablet like a Fire 8?

    I think Lollipop is definitely way too dated. I would want at least marshmallow on it at this point, but I don't want to go through the hassle if I don't end up going through with the repairs.
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    Changed charging port on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. But it's different to the one that was originally there. Should I be worried?

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I see. So would it mean that the sim card wouldn't work anymore? I used it only for a very short while just to make sure that it's operating normally just in case there was something I should be aware of. I didn't think about trying the sim card too (d'oh), as my focus...
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    Are Consumer Grade Phones Like The Galaxy J VR Capable?

    I was wondering this after looking at staples flier, because if they are it would be a nice jumping off point for VR enthusiasts, you pay near a thousand dollars for a galaxy S, yet a galaxy J that's unlocked retails for just over 150$ CAD.
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    What do you think about the "Galaxy J" Series?

    It's replaced by the M series.
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    Galaxy Fold or Note 10+

    As someone who upgrades to each new Samsung phone every few months I understand where you're coming from. I bought an S10+ 1 TB version at launch (upgraded from a Note 9) and have had a Fold on preorder since April. Originally i was hoping hte Fold would satisfy my upgrade itch and put me back...
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    I had a hands on with the Galaxy fold at IFA AMA

    it's pretty obvious that Samsung wants people to treat it like an additional screen rather than the primary way of interacting with the device. by default, when you fold the phone, you put it to sleep instead of switching to the smaller screen (I *think* there's a setting for it but I didn't...
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    Should I get the GalaxyS8 or the new Galaxy A 50?

    That is exactly whete I was coming from but I plan to use it for 3-4 years which wont be feasible without updates
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    Samsung's Galaxy A Family Future

    Hello, I would like to know your opinion and predictions about the future of this series of smartphones. I currently have a Galaxy A5 (2017), it works perfectly and meets my needs, its only problem is that the vibration motor does not work 99% of the time, nothing serious but annoying. I would...
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    Galaxy Note 10 / 10+ and Microsoft Launcher : The Perfect Wedding

    Also LOVE having the dock swipe up to reveal my favorite 15 apps (without folders). Between that and the edge panel, I don't need to go into my cluttered app drawer near as much.
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    Galaxy Note 10 / 10+ and Microsoft Launcher : The Perfect Wedding

    It is an awesome launcher if you are a Microsoft fan. It is not perfect but for someone who use his phone as a productity device, this is one of the best launcher for that. It is clean, speedy, and not power hungry at all. Very well polished. That launcher was trash at the very early stage...
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    One plus 7 pro... Is it a good choice over the Galaxy note 10+?

    My note 8 from 2 years back got Pie/one ui 6 months after the rollout (I know, but still!) and is currently on August security patch. They actually picked up their game at Samsung :)
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    Recommendations for a Bluetooth controller that will fit a galaxy note 10 plus with a case on.

    All the posts I've been searching through here or on /r/AndroidGaming about Bluetooth controllers have either had bad analog sticks or they don't fit a note 10 plus with or without a case. I've been trying to look around for a good controller for it that's under 50$. I have a kickstand on my...
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    Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 10/10+ - What are your thoughts?

    The S10e has no curved screen ... ?
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    Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 10/10+ - What are your thoughts?

    The Note 10 shit Seriously. No expandable storage, no 5G, no extra blue color, one flash module (as opposed to two and a sensor on the plus), 8GB Ram max (as opposed to 12GB), no fast charging. Why even sell the Note 10 at all?