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    Should I buy a OnePlus 6T or a Samsung S10?

    Samsung Galaxy s10 vs Oneplus 6t | The Samsung Galaxy S10 might just steal this OnePlus fan’s money | Can OnePlus win me over with the OnePlus 7? Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6t Opinion post by C. Scott Brown It’s no secret I’m a fan of OnePlus phones. I appreciate the company’s attention...
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    Galaxy Tab A login without bluetooth keyboard

    I use a password to unlock my tablet. Recently the battery on my bluetooth keyboard died and couldn't charge it right away. I could find no way to enable the on-screen keyboard, so it was impossible to login. I tried resetting with volume down + power, nope. Using a wired keyboard was also...
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    STUCK in S mode . Samsung Galaxy book 2. Need to return if I can not get out. Please help

    Try running sfc and DISM to fix any system errors. Do you have enough free space? Do any pending updates to the system. Will watch for any new reports of errors trying to swtch out of S mode. EDIT. Found an article but it is before the fix. Dated 8/2 Mentions your device...
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    [USA-NY] [H] Paypal [W] Galaxy J Replacement Screen

    So I have here the Galaxy J SC-02F. It's a Japanese exclusive phone (Not the J1, J5, J7) The Galaxy J came out in 2013. So it cracked and I need a new screen (the whole screen assembly) Frame of the phone would be good too. **I'm willing to pay up to $100 paypal just for the replacement...
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    Samsung Galaxy J catches fire in Airport

    Remember when CNET punctured a Droid turbo 2
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    I had a hands on with the Galaxy fold at IFA AMA

    I don't know what it looked like before the big 'fix' but the gap is really small
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    Would anyone be interested in a setting that made the galaxy a bit more filled with already-FTL possessing empires?

    first being the idea you start next to an advanced DE would be counter productive in making a more "real" universe. you would have been or should be within the years starting, toast. Well not really. Do all primitives immediately become toast? No, some get ignored, some don't get colonised...
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    Would anyone be interested in a setting that made the galaxy a bit more filled with already-FTL possessing empires?

    I guess, although I think Expanded Traits and Civics (kind of) offers that, in that you can choose a civic that gives you primitive cybernetics/gene modding. This is less talking about the society itself though and more like the galactic map.
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    Would anyone be interested in a setting that made the galaxy a bit more filled with already-FTL possessing empires?

    I always found it kind of unrealistic that nearly every empire in the galaxy discovered FTL travel in 2200, with the rare exception of space raiders and Fallen Empires. Sure, there are Advanced Empires, but they're ahead by 20 years at most. I'm thinking something that made it so the galaxy was...
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    Galaxy a 30 or a 50

    Galaxy a 30 or a 50?? Pls share your experience 😄 . A little bit of gaming , social media and , good camera is what i need. Thanks . Ill be upgrading from mi5s
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    Samsung's Galaxy A Family Future

    And what about the fingerprint scanner? Does it fail that much?
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ FM Radio?

    Really? Are you sure this isn't a radio streaming service over data?
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ FM Radio?

    Yeah it would basically be internet radio at that point. I just wanna make sure that in order to get Over the air FM Radio you would have to plug headphones into the USB-C port since I have never heard of a phone that didn't have a 3.5mm headphones jack yet still had a FM Radio Chip
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    Galaxy Note 10 $150 pre-order credit going out.

    Said 6-8 weeks, got approved Sunday and got it in my email today. EDIT: Just got the black Galaxy Buds and 10,000mAh portable charger for a total of $0.
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    DAE Think the Galaxy Note 10 is a big disappointment?

    I guess I'll stick with my Note 8 for another year.
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    One plus 7 pro... Is it a good choice over the Galaxy note 10+?

    There is no real issue regarding samsung bloatware, you pick what to be installed at start, plus bloatware is not an factor like 2 years now, phones are extremely powerful to even have 5x the amount of apps/services and to work like they are not present at all.