Changed charging port on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. But it's different to the one that was originally there. Should I be worried?

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Apr 22, 2019
So, to get some info out of the way:

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy S 10.5. Bought in **Japan** years ago.

I live in **Europe**. The charger port broke, I searched some info on it, "Looks simple enough", went and bought a new charged port in **Europe**.

Opened the tablet. "Everything looks the same... Wait... Why does the video and the replacement only have one flex cable to remove and the one that broke has two?" Went with it anyway, "might as well try. I'll just take it out if it doesn't work."

Here's a couple pictures I found online about it:

[]( (original model lookalike)

[]( (what I got and put in the tablet)

The obvious: Tablet charger port model T807J VS T800/805.

The not-so-obvious: In the first model you can see an extra flex cable port: "**SOC100**", which connects to the part between the charging port and the Micro SD card reader. This port is missing in the second model, the one that has been put into the tablet now.

The result: It works perfectly fine. The tablet **charges** the battery and **reads** the SD card no problem.

So what purpose did the extra flex cable drive? Is it just that the charge time is slower or something? I'm honestly perplexed and don't know if I should be worried or happy. At first I thought it wouldn't be able to read the card anymore, but there's no issue.

What should I be aware of? Could overcharging be an issue? Would I see the performance drop? Does it not read the SD card as fast anymore?

Any information on this would be much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

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Jun 22, 2019
Hi, thanks for the reply. I see. So would it mean that the sim card wouldn't work anymore?

I used it only for a very short while just to make sure that it's operating normally just in case there was something I should be aware of. I didn't think about trying the sim card too (d'oh), as my focus was on the SD card.

I'll try it a bit later and report back! Thanks again :)