Should I buy the Galaxy s10?

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Jun 22, 2019
Short answer:

It absolutely is “the best” and worth it as a 4G phone, but it’ll pretty soon be out-dated as the market is moving towards 5G. If you can wait for a few months and then afford the 5G variant, I would say, go for that!

Long answer:

There are pros and cons for the device like any other phone and understand them properly before investing such a huge amount of money in a phone:

The specifications and longevity of the phone: It's a known fact that the S line up of phones come with the top-notch specs for any phone in the market. But the beauty of the S-lineup of phones is the fact this phone would have the topline specs until the next Mobile world congress that is 12 months from now.

All round smartphone: There are 7 things that you should consider while buying any smartphone - Specs, display, audio, battery life, durability, cameras, and other flagship features. The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus is good at almost each and every one of them

The cameras: The S10 and S10 plus have 3 cameras, a 12 MP dual aperture f/2.4-f/1.5 aperture, which has 26 mm wide lens, a 12 MP f/2.4 aperture camera for telephoto that can get 2 times optical zoom with 52mm lens and a 16MP f/2.2 aperture camera that has an ultra-wide angle 12mm lens. There is a wide range of camera tweaking options available and there is also scene optimizer. As long as I’ve used it, any picture I’ve taken turned out to be great

The headphone jack: As much as I hate to say this, the headphone jack is a pro for the Galaxy S10 and S10 plus. Like we discussed earlier, the Galaxy S10 is already a champion in the audio department and with the headphone jack, it's even better. This or the Galaxy Note 10 would be your last flagships to have the Jack!

The software: Samsung's software in the past was not the greatest but the OneUI changes it all. It has been well thought out in terms of design, one-handed use

All the flagship features and the Samsung goodness: Galaxy S10, as usual, is jam-packed with flagship features. Along with that, the best after-sale support is one of the biggest advantages of this phone.

Talking about the cons of the phone might sound like nitpicking because there aren't a lot of major ones:

Integrated SIM slot: With a lot of phones even removing the SD card option, the S10 providing the option to expand memory can be called as a pro for the device, but, it's good to remember that it's an integrated SIM slot

The hole-punch: As we discussed earlier, the hole punch brings a refreshing and new look to the phone but the hole punch is still an intrusion and makes your life miserable while watching videos.

The reduced security of face-unlock: By going fully bezel-less, Samsung has chosen to discard the iris scanner which essentially makes the facial recognition in the phone way less secure.

Durability: The S10 has Gorilla glass 5 and the S10 plus has Gorilla glass 6 and hence are fairly durable, both of them have IP68 waterproofing but, both of them are very slippery in hands, especially with the glass back. With the curved display, the phone might easily shatter unless you put screen protectors and cases on the phone.

5G: There is an S10 which would be launched later in the summer, but the regular S10 and S10 plus doesn't have 5G and as much as I talked about the longevity of the S10, without 5G, the smartphone market may quickly change in the next couple of years when most of the flagships might actually have 5G

Price: The S10 starts at $900 in the US, Rs 66,900 in India and 799 pounds in the UK for the baseline version. The S10 plus, on the other hand, starts at $1000 in the US, Rs 74000 in India and 849 pounds in the UK. Such a price for a non-5G variant phone is worth it? I leave it up to you!