When will Samsung release the Note 10?

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Apr 22, 2019
The Note 10 will be released in August according to Samsung.

A set of renders released by Phone Arena could show us what it will look like. It’s important to emphasize, however, that this design is far from confirmed — it’s a concept, based on recent rumours, so it’s purely for entertainment purposes.

The most recent rumours have it looking very different this is a quote from SamMobile;

“The Galaxy Note 10 is getting some attention in the Korean media today, and one report, in particular, is rather interesting. According to ETNews, Note 10 may be Samsung’s first phone with a “keyless” or “buttonless” design. The company’s next flagship may not have the power, volume, or even the Bixby key and will instead use touch or gesture-based alternatives.”

Edit 18/07/19; The release date is the 10th of August and the rumours of “keyless” have been proven wrong in later leaks. Also, they will not have a headphone jack.

They will look more like this than the older rumoured look.