Which is better, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 or iPad 6th Gen (2018)?

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Jun 22, 2019
As I am myself an iPad user, it’s easy for me to choose between the two i.e. samsung or apple and I will choose apple. But ya it’s not easy to convince an android user but here’s an attempt to do so.

When we compare GT S (galaxy tab S) announced in June, 2014 and iPad, we are not just comparing the basic functions but the whole lot of things get changed.

Firstly, there’s a huge difference between the OS (operating systems) on which they work. GT S works on Android OS and iPad works on iOS (Apple operating system). Android and iOS have different user interfaces.

Android is a much open OS. Apps can be downloaded using google play store or from third party websites. As android is developed by Google, all the google apps are pre installed which provide utility. As the apps can be downloaded from external sources there is always threat of viruses. This is the reason because of which virus can attack the android device and this also causes lag in functioning of device. Moreover android doesn’t provide regular software updates. So you may not anticipate the latest software on your android device

GT S running on android marshmallow

iOS on the other hand is closed source. Like one cannot download apps other than the official apple app store. So this enhances the security of apple devices. Moreover you will not experience any lag in the device performance. iOS is simple yet intuitive to use. It is a different ecosystem overall. Apple always provides major software updates almost to all of its supported devices. Like recently iOS 12 was available for iPhone 5s which was introduced in 2013. So apple yet provided new software for 6 yr old device. The hardware is just breathtaking. Just imagine downloading apps from official store, enhancing security, always using new software, not laggy performance etc would be so much fun to use.

iPad 2018 running on iOS 12

Other than OS comparison, the next comparison is of battery. GT S has 7900mAh battery which is I think a bit low for such type of tablet. Whereas iPad has 8827mAh battery which is sufficient to last enough reasonable days. The hardware of iPad is just simply state-of - art design. There are many such features but it totally depends upon your choice though.

If you want to enjoy latest software updates, secured device, easy OS, smooth performance, battery optimization, I will suggest you to buy iPad 2018(6th gen) . You will not regret the purchase of iPad as using it will give you a premium experience of software as well as of hardware.

My personal experience with iPad( I use iPad 4th Gen) is above satisfaction levels. It’s been 4–5 yrs of using iPad 4th Gen and yet it performs better, battery lasts for many days.

Edit: 14th October,2018 ( After receiving comment)

In the question Samsung Tab S 10.5 is mentioned so gave my opinion as per samsung tab S 10.5. With reference to the comment below, it is Samsung Tab S4 10.5, so i dont know the exact model but gone as per question. If it is Tab S4 then too my comparison is in general between Samsung and Apple,i.e. ( android vs iOS) and the points discussed are general which do not change with newer versions and its not technical specification oriented which change due to newer models.